Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Women's Dresses

Since the social acceptance of women wearing pants, it seems as though we have taken this to mean that we should ONLY wear pants. As you look around, the majority of women seem to be covering their legs rather than embracing them. Sure, pants are easy to throw on but guess what is easier? A dress! Instead of rummaging around in your close for a matching blouse or top why not try a dress.
Dresses are:

1. More form flattering for most women

2. Easier to wear and cuts down on decision/dressing time in the morning. NO more having to match a top and a bottom.

3. Cool and breezy in the summer
4. Super feminine
5. A way to stand apart from your male counterparts because unlike you who can wear pants, men can not wear a dress!

My three favorite Kate Boggiano Dresses that are totally office appropriate are the McKenzie Wrap Dress, the Jackie Shirt Dress, and the Sleeveless Ruffle Isadora Dress.
I’m not sure about you but wrap dresses always seem like a good idea to me until I actually try one on. I find them confusing to figure out and it seems to me that they never stay in the right place unless you tie the ties so tightly that you can’t breathe. I thought long and hard about this issue when I designed the McKenzie Wrap Dress. Instead of having to deal with a confusing extra flap of fabric, I designed the McKenzie Wrap Dress so that the pieces of fabric are actually stitched in place and it’s an easy over the head entry with help of a zipper. The only piece that is “movable” is the wrap around belt that is secured by two snaps. Our “faux” McKenzie Wrap Dress is office appropriate (in length and front neck drop) and secure so you feel confident in your outfit and able to face your busy day.

Finding a good dress with a short sleeve is a challenge that many women face. Short sleeve dresses are great for the summertime and they are very office appropriate. I love our Jackie Shirt Dress because it has a nice pleat detail on the sleeve and a full skirt with a waist wrap that visually makes the waist the narrowest point even if it isn’t normally that way on its own. Side seam pockets and a shirt dress style placket round off my favorite parts of this Shirt Dress that is great to wear at the office and beyond!

 Every summer, my goal is to find 2 dresses: the dress I wear to every summer wedding (as long as each are with different groups of people) and a dress I can wear casually or spice up for dinner on vacation. Our Sleeveless Isadora dress happens to have been both for me during different years. I love this dress and even though it isn’t new this year, it’s longevity is amazing and I attribute it to it’s classic a-line shape, high ruffle neck collar, and fantastic fabric (that IS machine washable!). Honestly, I have belted this, thrown a cardigan over it and paired it with some cowboy boots, added a chucky sweater, worn it with flats, worn it with heels, and always feel comfortable and like I made the right choice for any occasion I wear it to. The Sleeveless Isadora Dress is really a go to dress for any event you might have.

A little birdie told me that we are having a sale on everything starting Wed so if these dresses sound like something you might want to try, I’d get on it first thing Wed morning.

Have a good one!


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