Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Follow up on our How to lose 10lbs in 5 minutes workshop

Thanks to everyone who came to our How to lose 10 lbs in 5 minutes workshop.  Carolle Partington  I don’t know about you, but I usually get overwhelmed by how much information there is in workshops and don’t know where to begin.  For those of you like me as well as the people who weren’t able to attend, here’s what I took away from her workshop. was full of interesting facts, theories, and great tips as always!

  1. The actual size or shape of the body is not important.  The size and shape of the body when clothed IS important.
  2. The perfect women’s silhouette is an hour glass figure.  The shoulders and hips should appear to be the same width and the waist appear narrower.
  3. The perfect shaped head is an oval.
  4. Ideal body measurements:
    1. The body should measure 7x’s the head (visually, the head measures from the crown to where the clothes begin).
    2. Women’s shoulders should measure 1.5x’s the head.
    3. The legs should be equal to or longer than the torso
  5. If the silhouette looks shorter, it will appear wider and the body will look bulkier (it usually appears shorter because of horizontal lines or clothes that are too big).
  6. The hair, regardless of length or quantity, should maintain the ideal oval shape.
  7. Be careful not to add volume to the waist that changes the silhouette to oval or straight.
  8. If wearing a skirt, legs measure from the hem to the shoe or strap so be careful not to visually shorten the legs.
  9. If you are trying to appear more feminine, lipstick, an open cameo, nail polish, skirts and dresses, and higher heels are the easiest way to achieve that look.
  10. Monochromatic makes the silhouette appear longer and narrower (the same color head to toe and not necessarily black!!).
  11. Different colors or layers of clothes that form horizontal lines make the silhouette look shorter and wider.
  12. The color that is lighter, brighter, stronger or pattern attracts the eye so DO NOT put those in places where you are trying to minimize or detract attention away from.
  13. Lighter colors do actually make bulk appear “lighter”
  14. Normally pattern adds volume but may be good if the body appears “solid”, “bulky”, or “heavy” to break things up.

The most important take away:
**Take photos of yourself (front, back, and profile) and analyze the photos when in doubt.

I hope you found these as helpful as I did.  We will most likely have another seminar in October.  Let us know if there is something or a topic you’d like covered.

Have a great day!

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