Friday, June 17, 2011

Cool website alert – Rent the Runway

Ok so do you remember in Sex and the City (the movie) where they are talking about renting handbags?  Awesome idea right?  How about renting runway dreses?  In theory sounds like a really good idea to spend a little money, get a great fashionable dress, then return it after the event is over.  Lets face it, who wants to wear the same dress twice especially when you might see the same people.  I admit, wearing a dress previously worn by someone else seems like it MAY be pushing that line a little bit (I envision this girl going to a Greek wedding and slamming plates on the floor when suddenly the air conditioning breaks and it’s 95 degrees in the Greek restaurant but everyone is having so much fun they all stay and sweat it out – ewww).

In my research of what’s going on online, I recently saw that received $15mm in new investment money for their website.  Although I was a little hesitant, I decided to peruse the site and see if I liked what I saw and if they did a good job with the gross sweaty messes that came back before they turned them around again.

Much to my joy the site is beautiful!  It’s laid out perfectly with a section for the New stuff, designers, occasions, and the ever important weddings.  Personally, I love the shop by occasion ability as well as the shop by body type (similar to swim spot, right?)

The suggestions for jewelry are pretty spot on too!

They have a done a great job tackling the size question by sending you an additional size at no charge and by providing great, honest and accurate reviews by their customers for each and every dress!  If you aren’t sure about the size, there is an option to chat with a fit specialist or add something to your favorites so you can come back to it and figure out what your best option is.

SO….I did try it!  At the end of May, I picked out my favorite Hervé Léger dress to wear to cocktails with my friends for my 30th birthday party.  I ordered 2 sizes and scheduled them to come in on Thursday (currently still traveling for business so I’m not sure if my package is waiting for me or not yet!) PLUS they let me add a 2nd dress onto the order for just $25.00!  How cool is that!  Now I have a backup!!!

Some FAQ’s that I found helpful! 
What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?
Don’t worry! We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable and beyond your control. Our dry cleaner can take care of most minor damage. And the $5 insurance charge on each dress you rent will cover these types of situations. Although very rare, significant destruction (the dress is torn apart at all the seams, you try to squeeze a size 10 body into a size 0 dress, the centerpiece catches fire and chars your dress) or theft is obviously not permitted and we hope to never run into this problem. Unfortunately if these situations occur, your credit card will be charged immediately for the full retail price of the dress. There are no payment plans. 
How do I know my dress is clean?
All Rent the Runway dresses will ship to you directly from the RTR designer warehouse, where all dresses are cleaned, without any handling in between. We’ve partnered with a premier dress specialist in NYC and developed a process that ensures stringent quality control. We’ll only ship dresses that receive a 100% fresh seal of approval. Our dry cleaner is an expert in eco-friendly, luxury dry cleaning. They utilize an environmentally safe process that certifies that every garment is thoroughly cleaned and cared for, maintaining the impeccable quality of the garment while being kind to the environment (not to mention to your health!). Our packaging is also specially designed to fully protect the dresses during shipment.

Well I sure can’t wait for my first rent the runway dress for the big birthday bash!  Photos to follow on Monday!

I highly suggest checking out this service when Kate Boggiano Dress just won’t fit the occasion.

Happy Weekend!

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