Friday, July 29, 2011

Like jewelry? Who doesn’t?

My husbands friends Amy and Daniella started Bauble Bar a few years back and have been doing a great job!  Bauble Bar is a website that provides great jewelry at a fraction of the department store price.  If you haven’t learned about it, you need to check it out but here are the basics and why they created Bauble Bar:

Selection: Boutiques had too narrow a selection while department stores had too much to sift through - the shopping experience was so overwhelming, and not at all fun. We also wanted access to a constantly refreshed selection, not new product just once per season.

Value: As hard as we tried, we couldn’t find a place to buy high quality pieces without a high price tag. We also couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that we weren’t getting great value for our dollar. Our intellectual curiosity got the best of us and we decided to do some digging, where we learned that retailers were marking up pieces as high as 20 times above cost!

It was then that we decided to create BaubleBar - a new concept in fashion jewelry retail that lets women create their ultimate jewelry box guilt-free.
We work hand-in-hand with leading jewelry designers who supply high-end retail stores, and curate a collection of pieces across different styles. Our web-based approach allows us to offer you unparalleled value, while our comprehensive product selection, editorial style tips and exceptional customer service establish us as your trusted go-to for all your jewelry needs.

Sounds great, right?  Even better is how you get to shop.  Choose from Fashion, Function or Fame!  Cute!  Fashion are those items that they group into specific categories like Marrakech Expresss for example:

Or, shop by Function and the normal filters apply such as bracelet, earring, necklace etc:

There is also shop by fame or your fav celeb sitings or magazine placements:
As if that isn’t cool enough, they’ve come up with the vault for their loyal fans:

The pricing, selection, and website layout is amazing and I highly suggest you check them out for all your jewelry needs!!/baublebar

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Portrait Collar Show Stopper - Introducing the Evie Blouse

Finding a blouse that fits well and fits in to multiple parts of your life isn't the easiest shopping feat to accomplish.  Our portrait collar Evie blouse is a great fit for the office, errands, and your nights out!
  • Ends approx at wearer's high hip to mid thigh (slightly longer in the back because of the peplum)
  • Slim Fit
  • Features include: lightweight stretch fabric that makes it a perfect fit and comfy to wear, flattering portrait collar that shows off your femininity and creates a nice display area for jewelry, a small peplum at the back that adds interest and an hourglass silhouette, lace detail on the front placket for a feminine touch, and 3/4 length sleeves that can flip up and become short sleeves or stay down creating an additional area for accessories but not get in your way throughout your busy day.
  • Click here for more info on our high quality craftsmanship
Kate Says:  " The portrait collar Evie blouse runs true to size.  This blouse looks as great with a pencil skirt as it does with jeans.  MUST have of the season!"

Fabric: 68% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 4% Spandex, Chambray: 100% Cotton
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold delicate cycle. Tumble dry low or hang dry.
Price: $195.00

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog days of summer were here!

Intern Morgan with a bag of ice on her head to cool her down in the 115 degree heat!

Well another successful Chicago Sidewalk Sale is in the rear view mirror and a Warehouse sale complete with a regional disaster is all over.  Thanks to those who came out for either or both (you know who you are!)

The sidewalk sale was a great time for us to get to know our downtown customers. We had a great booth and were featured on WGN news with Ana Belaval. Love her!

So when we go to these events, I load my Saturn Vue to the brim

Probably not the safest thing in the world especially with the ends of the rolling racks usually pointed directly at my head or neck in the drivers seat.  Because of this, one of my worst fears is getting into a wreck coming or going from one of the events.  Unfortuantely after spending all day in the heat (6am-4pm) on Tuesday, I was rear ended by a cab.

Fortunately we were going 2 mph and nobody was hurt but what a drag after a long day!  I shouldn’t complain though, I only had to drop off and pick up for the second day which was HOT!  We were in the middle of a heat wave and the poor KBO interns were out in for 2 days!  On the second day, the temps were so high that the heat index made it to 112 F!  Those are some great interns for sure

To top it off, we had our semi-annual warehouse sale on Saturday, July 23rd.  As always, I picked a date where there was a semi serious natural disaster – another flood!  We got over 8 inches of rain in 2 HOURS!  Unbelievable!  I need to hand off picking the date to someone else for the January sale.  Thanks for coming out if you braved the weather.  There were also some great deals to be had and we saw a lot of great customers show up for the 60% off from 8am-9am.  Way to get outta bed early AND brave the floods!
Studio all set for 8am'ers
Hourly Discounts starting at 60% were hard to pass up!

Kirsten from Objets d'envy setting up!
Amy prepping for our special day helpers!

 Make sure you’re signed up on our email list.  Not only will you get a coupon for free shipping, you will also learn about our great events around Chicago!  Click here  to sign up.

I’m off for a mini vacation- more on that later!

Have a great rest of your week – I’m incommunicado (and lovin it!)

PS-I just found a photo of our booth from the very 1st sidewalk sale - we've come a long way!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Move over LBD, this fall it’s all about the CBL (comfy black leggings!).

As sad as it may sound, those BTS (back-to-school)ads are going to be blaring through your TV in the next couple weeks.  Although as adults we miss out on the fun BTS shopping, we can take some time to take stake of our wardrobes and assess where we are vs where we want to be for fall.  A good place to start are those basic items that you can’t live without like black leggings.

Black leggings are just as important for fall as that trusty pair of dark wash denim or a great fall coat.  At Kate Boggiano, you have a few options for your must have black leggings  so you might want to buy a few pairs of one or one of all the options depending on your preference.   Let’s start with the basics.


Our seamless leggings are great because they have a wider waistband ensuring the waist stays where you want it to and won’t roll down, they are made of 8% spandex which means the come back to shape after every where AND no baggy knees, and finally there is only one seam making them the most comfortable pair of leggings you will ever put on.  We do have 2 different lengths available our full length (comes to the ankle) and our cropped or short legging which comes to the calf.  Both lengths are available in Black, Gray, and Dark brown as well as a few other colors.

If you've tried our leggings and felt you could use a little more support, we were listening!  These were discovered by accident on a trip to NYC and I just had to have them!  MeMoi uses top quality fabrics, better than Spanx in my opinion, and well placed panels to provide comfort and shaping  in one great legging! 

Shapewear Leggings for Women 

  • firms and supports your legs, thighs, and tummy without revealing panty lines
  • lifts the bum while shaping the thighs
  • special seamless fabric panel smoothes your tummy and makes for a great high waist legging!

Not quite a legging, but our new Bamboo footless tights are great for this fall!  Super comfy, these Bamboo Footless Tights  will not only look great with any outfit, they will quickly become your favorite pair because of the moisture absorption qualities and soft hand of bamboo.  We call these footless tights instead of leggings because they are less opaque than Kate Boggiano Leggings or our Shapewear Leggings and we don't recommend wearing them on their own.

Bamboo Footless Tights are:
  • made from a renewable resource - bamboo.
  • dyed using mild vegetable dyes - no chemicals or pesticides.
  • extremely comfortable due to the high moisture absorption qualities of bamboo
  • luxurious organic fibers.

  • Special features include:  1 1/2" substantial waistband and 2" elastic cuff at the ankle ensuring they stay put.

So which of the 3 options will you choose?  The best part of these 3 options are they are very affordable.  From $24.95-29.95, you can’t go wrong!  Get free shipping by signing up for our email list and stock up on us!

Have a good one!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Try our amazing women's tunic - the Stripe Violet!

Finding an age and office appropriate women's tunic can be difficult. Our Violet Tunic fills this gap with its perfect length, appropriate and interesting neckline and collar, and tailored silhouette.

• Ends at mid thigh
Slim fit
• Features include: double collar for interest (inner collar is a standing ruffle and outer is a flat shawl collar), long length that is great over leggings or jeans, functional side seam pockets, longer short sleeve that covers any trouble areas on the arm while elongating and slenderizing the arms, beautiful details such as a back belt, back tucks on the bodice, and double breasted closure that adds interest and attention to your outfit
Click here for more info on our high quality craftsmanship.

Our Violet Tunic runs true to size. Try pairing with Kate Boggiano full length seamless leggings or shapewear leggings. I'm going to live in my Violet Tunic this Fall!!

Did you save 20% on your Violet Tunic at our Warehouse sale
Email me if you didn't but you still want to - I think we can work something out.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warehouse sale TODAY!

Can’t make it? Call in your order after 11am to 866-388-3501. Leave a message with your name, phone number, and style, color and sizes of everything you want. You will receive a confirmation phone call before 5pm on Saturday with totals. All phoned in orders will ship Monday, 7/25/11.

Current Collection and Clearance items:

60%off 8am-9am
50% off 9am-11am
40% off 11am-noon
30% off noon to 4pm

Samples as marked $30/$50/$75
Special Seamless pricing
20% off all fall preorders!

Click here for directions!

See you soon,

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Warehouse Sale TOMORROW!

Come join us bright and early for our BIGGEST sale of the year. Save 20% on all Fall 2011 preorders, up to 60% off our current collection and sale items, and buy our samples for as low as $30. We will have special pricing on our seamless collection and everything will go FAST!
-Current Collection and Clearance items:

60%off 8am-9am
50% off 9am-11am
40% off 11am-noon
30% off noon to 4pm

-Samples as marked $30/$50/$75
-Special Seamless pricing
-20% off all fall preorders!

See you there!

PS-can’t make it? Call in your order after 11am to 866-388-3501! Leave a message with your name, phone number, and style, color and sizes of everything you want. You will receive a confirmation phone call before 5pm on Saturday with totals. All phoned in orders will ship Monday, 7/25/11.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July (kinda)

Typically in retail, January and July are the slowest months of the year. When you are a wholesaler, however, these months pick up exponentially. Our biggest (in volume or units) month out of the year is July and we are in thick of it now.

Blouses waiting for buttons and buttonholes

Quality control being preformed on finished blouses before they go to pressing

From markdowns at retail to furiously producing our Fall season, we are moving at all times in July and in many different directions. Many of our stores ask for as early of a Fall delivery as they can get regardless of the weather. The do this so they can show more people their fall selections BEFORE it gets cold in hopes of enticing people with great and different items before they start spending their fall clothing budget hoping they will remember the item and come back to that store to purchase. It’s a tough spot for them as they are usual involved in markdowns or discounting and are trying to get some new life and styles into their stores but don’t have a lot of money to pay for it.

Additionally, in January and July, we have our semi annual warehouse sale where we mark down our inventory up to 60% depending on what time you choose to do your shopping. We start at 8am and every hour we decrease the discount 10% so at 9am, the discount goes from 60% to 50% etc etc. It’s fun and a great way for us to sell off some of our inventory to make way for fall. If you’re not busy, feel free to check it out and if you don’t live here, we are trying something a little new this year. You can call in your order to 866-388-3501 after 11am and qualify for the 11am-4pm pricing. If the line is busy, we are probably helping other customers and we encourage you to leave a message with your name, phone number, and items, colors and sizes you want and we will call you back by 5pm with your total, confirmation, and payment. All instock items will ship on Monday July 25th.

Don’t forget, today is the last day we are downtown in Daley Plaza. Make sure to stop by and say hi to Amy today on your lunch break – 30% off, samples for sale, and fashion trivia to save up to $5.00 off your order – tons of fun! She’ll be there until 3pm.

See you or talk to you on Saturday!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our dramatic pleated blouse - the Anne

A great alternative to a ruffle blouse, a pleated blouse like our dramatic Anne adds just the right amount of style and sophistication to any occasion.

• Ends at wearer’s hip

Slim fit

• Features include: beautiful Japanese cotton for a luxurious look and feel, a high neck pleated collar that draws attention to your face, faux french cuffs that create the same great look without the hassle of cuff links, and a tailored fit helps to create a slim silhouette.

Click here for more info on our high quality craftsmanship.
 Our Anne blouse with pleats runs true to size. If you typically have trouble with blouses fitting in the chest, I suggest sizing up. I love my Anne belted or under a cardigan for different looks and I think I wear navy stripes the most!

Happy Shopping!

PS-don’t forget to stop by our booth on the north west area of Daley plaza today and tomorrow. We have 30% off our collection plus samples starting as low as $30! See you there!

Kate Boggiano location on Daley Plaza

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!

The Chicago Sidewalk Sale starts tomorrow and goes until Wednesday this week!  Don't forget to stop by Daley Plaza on your lunch break to shop amazing local designers and boutiques.  Kate will be there all day on Tuesday and Amy will be there on Wednesday.

Can't wait to see you!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fall Trends we can't wait to try!

Fall is coming up fast now that July 4th is over. We took some time and looked back through our favorite designers and runway shows to see what we’re excited to wear this fall!

Graphic Art (exaggerated stripes, plaids etc)



Long lengths (everything from coats to skirts to pants)

What are you looking forward to wearing for fall now that you’ve worn most of your summer clothing at least once?

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pretty in Pilsen - Tonight!

What: Shop with Kate Boggiano, Objets d'Envy jewelry, ColeHaddon Showroom, Anna Hovet, and more!
Where: The studios at 2150 S. Canalport Ave, 3rd and 4th floors, Chicago, IL 60608
When: Thursday, July 14th, 5:30-8:30pm

Summer is a short season in Chicago. So we need to make the most of it. That means sleeveless tops, sundresses, flirty skirts, halters, cropped trousers, dangling earrings. Find all that and much more from the 5 designer studios at PrettyinPilsen.

Private shopping is a treat: no lines for the waiting room, no snippy sales girls, no parking hassles. Meet the designers and receive their personal recommendations. Bring your girlfriends for a fun Friday evening inPilsen.

Secret Sample Racks:
Many of the designer studios have sample racks with really great finds. Stop by early for the best selection. Prices as low as $40.

Save 25% on the current collection of Kate Boggiano and as a a Groupon NOW the day of the event and use it on anything in the Kate Boggiano studio including Anna Hovet and Objet d'Envy items! Purchase a $20 Groupon for $15. You may use it in addition to the 25% off for Kate Boggiano products. Groupon NOW is only good for the day you purchase it but we will be extending the deal until 8:30 pm that day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Secrets to finding (and wearing) a Tailored Blouse

Tailored blouses can be tricky. They always look so nice when you leave the house in the morning but by the time you get to the office a few things happen: 1. the blouse is so wrinkled it looks like you slept in it, 2. finding a great fitting tailored blouse is hard so you are either swimming in it or it is so tight all day you feel a little self conscious raising your arms because of the funny way you have to contort your body to get them above your shoulders, 3. you are constantly fidgeting with the collar, the cuffs, and the sleeves that you end up giving up on the collar and rolling up the sleeves, 4. a combo of the above plus you hate ironing and have a stack of blouses in the “to be ironed” pile

Blouses with stretch wrinkle less and fit better.
I’m going to touch on points 1, 2, and 4 with the same tip – find a blouse that has stretch in it. I would advise keeping the other 1+ natural fibers for a nicer hand and a better wear/look to the blouse. Our light weight stretch fabric is 68% cotton, 28% nylon, and 4% spandex and has a great hand (soft not polyester feeling), comes in amazing colors (nylon holds dye the best of all fabrications), and best of all can be laundered at home in your washing machine and line dried with minimal wrinkling. Fabric that has stretch has give and is far more comfortable even if it’s worn a little tight to the body and wrinkles less then anything that is 100% fiber.

There is no standard sizing in women’s apparel.
Unfortunately, we are all aware of this statement. When you are a size 6 in one designer, you could be a size 2 in a mass merchant, and a size 10 in a high end European designer. It’s difficult to get this right let alone have to remember what you are in each brand you shop. Although there is no standardization, there is a method the fitting madness. First, when you try on blouses, fit to the widest part of your upper body which is typically the problem area. For example, if your shoulders are normally too wide for most blouses, choose a blouse that is a perfect fit on your shoulders but too big elsewhere. Second, find a good tailor in your home town. I know that this can get expensive but if you have better fitting quality clothing, you won’t need as much of it because you will want to wear your clothing over and over again.

Fidget less and look better!
Classic collars, cuffs, and sleeves can be somewhat restrictive if you want to do something that interferes with them such as wear your hair down, wear chunky jewelry, or wear a watch. Look for blouses that have a more open neckline such as a portrait collar, ¾ sleeves, and flexible or multi purposed cuffs that are intended to be worn multiple ways.

Here are a few of my favorites that are coming soon to!

Evie Blouse
Violet Tunic

Kate Blouse

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can it really almost be time to ship Fall Blouses?

It seems to me that summer FINALLY just got here! At our offices however, we are busily trying to get out our fall orders for our wholesale accounts and update our website with the new blouses.

One of my favorite fall blouses, is our Bella Ruffle Top. The Bella is great for a few reasons, it has this super comfy knit that is a little bit thicker so it holds you in and smooths out any imperfections, it has a great longer short sleeve to cover the trouble spots on the arm while allowing you to stay cool in a hot office or under a jacket, and the half button placket in the front creates a slimmer silhouette while giving you the option to wear a belt or not.

Try our Bella Ruffle Top with jeans or with a pencil skirt to the office. The real question should be how many colors to get…