Friday, June 10, 2011

New Must Have Arrivals for Summer!

Now that it's finally warm outside (Chicago has been really cold except for the last couple weeks) we thought it would be appropriate to FINALLY highlight some of our amazing summer additions. Here are my favorites that are flying out the door as we speak:

Metallic Tank Tops Sequin Tank Top

Both of these tanks are great for layering and add something really special to your wardrobe. The Sequin Tank Top is an extra long tank top and good for date night while the Metallic Tank Top looks amazing underneath a jacket, sweater, or button down.

Even though these are our newest edition tank tops, they happen to be spaghetti straps. For those of you looking for tank tops to wear on their own and with a normal or standard bra, we have started to stock more colors of our wide strap tank tops. These wide strap tank tops are the same nylon spandex blend as our regular tank top that is so popular. Try one today!

Here are my favorite wide strap tank top colors for the season:

Happy Summer!

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