Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Leggings for one and all!

We do a lot of retail events throughout the Chicagoland area which allows us great access to our customers.  It’s always fun for me to hear what customers think about leggings for women and how to wear them.  I’d say 25% of women refuse to wear any kind of leggings, 60% of women embrace them, and 15% of women are either trying to get used to the idea or have recently purchased an outfit that requires wearing leggings and they are trying to find the perfect pair/occasion to wear it.

Here are a few of my favorite issues we come across:

  1. Leggings make me look fat
    1. If you think Leggings make you look fat, you are not wearing them correctly.  Leggings need to paired with a great tunic, skirt or dress that covers your hips and rear – period. 
    2. Petite women should take care when wearing leggings with a roomy top. Make sure your top is proportioned appropriately for your height. Additionally, your ensemble should be as monochromatic as possible for an elongating look.
    3. Tall women should also select their tops with care. You want to wear a shirt that comes down far enough so that your rear isn't exposed.
  2. Leggings are so 80’s
    1. You are correct, leggings did make a HUGE appearance in the 80’s however there are modern ways to wear leggings such as
                                                            i.      Wear leggings with tunics such as our Holly Tunic.
                                                                       ii.      Avoid wearing leggings with cropped tops
                                                          iii.      Avoid wearing leggings with sweatshirts
                                                          iv.      Try some fun shoes with the leggings.  Anything goes now from  flats to pumps to boots you choose your favorite!
  1. Leggings remind me of being pregnant
    1. Although leggings are amazingly comfortable (which is the reason by the way that they never quite go out of style) they don’t have to remind you of being pregnant.  Try a great tailored tunic or a dress and pair them with a great heel and I promise you won’t feel anything but sexy!
  2. I don’t like my legs
    1. The best part of wearing leggings is that you can show the shape of your legs without showing the skin AND since there is minimal fabric, your legs will actually appear thinner if done properly. 
  3. Leggings are too young for me
    1. This is always my favorite comment.  Leggings, especially those with a little more substance such as our Shapewear Leggings for Women, are great for older women as they give them the opportunity to wear something form-fitting without revealing too much skin.
    2. Leggings are best used as an accessory to your outfit so choose your outfit first, then add the leggings. Your leggings color should match something else in your outfit for the most harmonious pairing.  I love our charcoal grey leggings with black tops and dresses and a fun alternative to black leggings.
My favorite legging look of the season:

And finally, legging no-no’s
  1. Leggings as pants (no short shirts please!)
  2. Leggings with a sweatshirt

As you can see, the reason to wear leggings is far longer than how not to wear leggings.  Try a pair today and if you are stuck, shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Have a good one!

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