Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Marilyn...our newest addition to the team!

Intern turned employee, Marilyn is joining us this year part-time until she finishes school. Marilyn is learning the in's and out's of our custom shirting production and she does all of the sketching for Kate Boggiano. Without further adieu, here's Marilyn!

Marilyn Eason
Where did you grow up - Tinley Pk.,IL
Why fashion? - I love designing and constructing ensembles. My philosophy is if you do what you love you never haave to work a day in your life; so I choose not to work.
What are you majoring in? Fashion Design
What do you want to do after school? I want to work under a designer when I first get out of college and eventually start my own line.
Why Kate Boggiano? Everytime I go to the internship I learn something I didn't know the day before. School can only teach you so much but experience is what really makes you learn. Kate gives us work that not only needs to be done but will prepare us for the future in our own endeavors. I love working for her because you really get to see how much time and effort it takes in running your own business. Everyone says that they want to have their own line one day; but whats cool about Kate is she is doing it and actually succeed in doing so.

What are the top 5 fashion mistakes you can't stand?
I hate when people still where goucho pants.
#2 I don't like when people where knits that should not be showing every curve of their body. Whatever happened to leaving some for the imagination.
#3 Belly shirts, even if you are very skinny let's face it they have been out for years.
#4 Denim skirts in summer or those Hollister and Ambercrombie jeans that have rips all over. The grunch look has come and gone. They are so out of style.
#5 I don't like when people still wear shouldier pads or have a mullet hair cut. Leave business in the front party on the sides to your new eye glasses.