Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who needs three lengths of tank tops anyway? (psst – YOU do!)

So adding new products to our website is a little tricky from my perspective. It takes a chunk of change to buy the inventory and photograph it plus a ton of time for things you’d never think about (ex: creating an item number, populating all our systems with said new item number, issuing a PO, dealing with delivery dates, calling when said delievery dates aren’t met, writing the copy, creating all the pages, cropping all the photos etc. etc). Although I like to keep my customers happy and coming back for more, there are a lot of “others” to consider before I make the move to buy a new product. So if you’re wondering why I’ve invested all of the above “examples” into three different lengths of tank tops, I can understand why you would now be scratching your head at this point, but let me explain.
The best product I can invest in as a business owner is a product that I can sell to one of my existing customers. Although three different lengths of tank tops seems like a crazy investment of time and resources, all of our current tank top customers need to take a look at their wardrobe and think hard about what I’m about to say.


Everybody who has ever worn a tank top knows this but maybe doesn’t realize it. How many times have you found yourself standing up from your desk and adjusting your tank top or fidgeting with it at some point in the day? If you find yourself doing that, it doesn’t mean you have a bad tank top, it really means that you are not wearing the correct length tank top that your particular outfit needs. Here’s how I decide which length of tank top to wear on any given day:

         Regular Length Tank top

Perfect for:
  • tall women
  • long torsos
  • wearing under dress shirts that you are tucking into a skirt or pair of pants/trousers
  • wearing on their own untucked with shorts, pants or skirts

                  Short Tank Top

Perfect for:
  • petite women
  • short waisted
  • wearing under t-shirts and see thru tops
  • when wearing a belt and not wanting to tuck something in
               Extra Long Tank Top

Perfect for:
  • tall women
  • long torsos
  • wearing under see thru tunics or dresses to act as a slip
  • the days I’m feeling lazy and only wear leggings but still want something to cover my behind.

Everybody fits into more than one of these categories which is why it is necessary to evaluate your wardrobe, find out when you like which length tank top, and make sure you are “covered”.
Here’s a visual way to keep the facts straight:

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Happy Thursday!

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