Monday, June 20, 2011

And I'm officially an adult...

Over the weekend, it was my 30th birthday (just in case you missed the last posting!).  I had a ton of fun and am still recovering from all the partying.  Friday night, my cute and fabulous husband, threw a (somewhat) surprise dinner and drinks with our friends at Japonais and then the Roof top deck at Market Bar Chicago.  Here are some of the fun photos.
Dinner at Japonais
The 2 smartest people I know (aka my besties!)
Geoff and Me mid sentence (wearing my scandalous RTR dress-and a tiara!)
The View from the rooftop at Market Bar Chicago
The dress is my first dress I’ve ever rented from rent therunway.  It was an amazing service to use and I’ll definitely be using them again for many events in the future.  My dresses (I picked a 2nd dress for just $25 just in case my favorite didn’t feel the same about me) showed up to my doorstep the day of the event, they were clean, well pressed, and ready to rock!  I returned them this morning in their stamped addressed prepaid envelope and dropped them off on my way to the office – how easy was that?!?  LOVE them!  (Check out my other blog posting for more info)

I definitely went for the more scandalous dress than I normally would wear out so to get ready for that, I “grouponed” it up and have been training with Crossfit Chicago’s Women’s Only Class.  If you are looking for a GREAT workout and a new challenge to up your fitness routine, you HAVE to check out CrossfitChicago.  AMAZING!  The coaching is far superior to any trainer or regular health club class instructor and the workouts are always new and different.  Crossfit combined with a “stricter” Paleo diet and I was ALMOST to my goal weight (I think I missed it because of all the new muscles I’ve been gaining from Crossfit!).  I definitely recommend Crossfit Chicago and the Women’s Only class and can’t wait to head back there on Wednesday morning to start burning off the weekend excesses. 

Just in case you have an event coming up and are looking for a faster fix than something like Crossfit, check out our new Shapewearleggings.  I LOVE these and they really make a difference – it’s rather incredible!  Sign up for our email list (or purchase 3 pairs) and receive free shipping.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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