Friday, June 10, 2011

Super cool website alert!

If you are anything like me, you leave your swimming suit shopping to the last possible second hoping (praying really) to shed just a couple more lbs before its inevitably time for the GSP (general sweaty public) to judge you in less clothing than I remember wearing in my worst nightmares.

The other day I bought a living social deal for this super cool website called Swim Spot. They offer FREE shipping, returns, and exchanges so you are all clear to try a couple suits styles (and different sizes) in the safety of your own home. There are a few other great features on their website that stand them apart from the other swimming suit sites out there. Here were my favorites:

1. Shop by Body Type. Not only does Swim Spot allow the shopper to shop by color, price, designer, size etc, they also allow you to shop by body type. I loved having a swim suit expert recommend the right suit for my body!

2. Bikini Builder. Fun for people like me who have always wanted to try a non-match top and bottom but always too scared to do so.

3. Fit Specialist Program. Let the experts at Swim Spot come up with recommendation for your body type (apple, pear, athletic, full bust etc). Shoppers get personalized fit support through their concierge service and quick support via email.

I'm still deciding on which suits to try but I'll be placing my order this weekend. For my 30th party, my Mother decided to host a pool party at my Dad's house. NO pressure! Thank god I got another Groupon for CrossFit Chicago to whip my butt into shape a little faster than normal (more on Crossfit at a later date)!

Have a good weekend and hopefully you have time for a little shopping and beach or pool time!

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