Friday, October 29, 2010

Good vs. Bad Candy just in time for Halloween!

Happy almost Halloween!! I saw these tips for candy to eat and candy to avoid on Halloween. Easier said than done when there is delicious, sugary goodness coming at us from everywhere! But, I thought this was interesting, and all of these candies are so good. Here are the top 5 candies to indulge in:
  1. Sour Patch kids: You can eat 23 of these sweet 'n sour little guys for around 200 calories.
  2. Hot tamales: Add a little spice to your night with this delish candy. You can eat 27 for just over 200 calories.
  3. Reese's miniatures peanut butter cups: Who DOESN'T love peanut butter and chocolate? Five peanut butter cups for 220 calories...and if you freeze them, they take you longer to eat so you're more likely to slow down and enjoy them!
  4. Junior mints: Keep these in the freezer too, for a mint chocolate chip ice cream-like experience. Twenty Junior Mints weighs in at 200 calories. Or, opt for a regular size Peppermint Patty, which has only 140 calories and comes in a portion-controlled individual package.
  5. Gummy bears: You can eat 12 of these fruity and chewy little guys for just under 200 calories.

Avoid candies with trans fat. Here are some Halloween treats that contain the dreaded X: tootsie rolls, Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies, and twix!


I don't know where Candy Corn stands on this list...but I'm afraid I won't be able to avoid it either way.

Happy Halloween and Weekend to everyone! Eat lots of candy...the good and...maybe some of the bad....

What fun would Halloween be without a little of the bad?!

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