Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Closet organization that looks pretty!

I have a lot of clothes. Mostly dresses. And I ALWAYS have problems keeping everything on the proper hanger. So, I acquired a variety of different plastic and wire hangers, leaving my closet looking like a complete, disorganized mess.

I love my clothes and I want my whole closet to look pretty and organized, not mismatched and confusing.

Well, enough was enough, finally tired of picking up my clothes off the closet floor, where my dog was likely to teeth on them, I decided to buy a bunch of new hangers and re-organize the whole closet.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Perhaps I'm a little OCD about this, but I threw out all my annoying and tangled plastic hangers and swapped them for these amazing no slip felt ones! I got turquoise and pink hangers, putting all my dresses on the turquoise on one side of the closet and all my shirts on the other side on pink hangers.

I went as far as to organize from sleeveless or strapless, to short sleeve, to long sleeve, separating sweaters and button-downs, etc. It's so wonderful to walk in and see everything nicely placed on pretty hangers that won't get tangled up in each other.

I recommend this closet organization to anyone. You get a good feel for what you have, what you need (and don't!), and can clean out things you know you'll never wear again. So on a slow, rainy Sunday, pop in to TJ Maxx or Bed, Bath, and Beyond and get a slew of felt hangers to rejuvenate your closet at home!

That way, next time you're browsing, you'll realize that you do really need that Isadora blouse, since you're lacking great white blouses...

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