Monday, October 11, 2010

Easy Decorating Idea

Whenever you're having a dinner party or get together at home, it's always fun to do something special and a little different.

If you don't have time to worry about how exactly to perform a mini-makeover on your dining room table or in your living room, here are some easy to follow DIY tips to set the mood for any occasion.

Save old glass bottles from wine or liquor, jam, etc. If you're feeling extra crafty and adventurous, spray paint some of these bottles different colors. Or just leave them as is, and gather either fresh or fake flowers for the bottles, choosing tall sparse arrangements for some, and fuller for others.

Surround the bottles with different sized pillars of candles.

It's cute, it's easy, and a great way to spruce up your space for any occasion. Lots of compliments to follow on your creative craftiness.

Tips on Making Your Life Easier:

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