Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ankle socks and heels?!

A beautiful, candid shot of two uber stylish girls at NYFW a few weeks ago (via the Satorialist). I love the baby pink, feathery ensemble with killer heels and the lime green belt.

And the longer shirt with that amazing grape, purple skirt peaking out beneath.

But as my eyes move down to the beautiful giant's feet, I am slightly taken back. Heels with ankle socks...but why?? Did she forget to paint her toe nails?

I am not a fan of this look. Well...I am not a fan anymore. Even though Jcrew seems to be pushing it rather hard, I will resist temptation.

I was however fully in support of this socks/shoes combo when I was about 5 years old and wore those awesome patent leather little oxfords with lacy fold-over ankle socks.

My taste has evolved since then, hence being unable to accept this look.

But if it makes you happy...after all, fashion should be fun.

In the spirit of canceling out a negative with a positive. Check. This. Out.

A glorious floppy hatted umbrella??? Sign me up. What a cheerful accessory for rainy days.

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