Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion's Night In

Fashion's Night In begins today, 5pm, in your home. Vogue UK is launching "Fashion's Night In" as the digital equivalent to the extravagant "Fashion's Night Out" that occurred last month and carried with it a lot of hype and excitement.

Huge designers and retailers are on board with exclusive deals, and exciting, new online shopping experiences. is giving the first 30 shoppers to make a purchase at 8pm on Fashion’s Night In a free scented candle. Also, all shoppers will receive free shipping on their orders and 10% of the night's sales will go to KidsCo.

Similarly, is giving away the Ultimate Girl’s Night Out Party Pack, with the best pick of accessories, shoes and beauty in preparation for the holidays. Shoppers will also receive 10% off fashion and beauty purchases that evening and free shipping. The first 50 orders placed will receive an exclusive gift and a portion of proceeds will be donated to KidsCo.


This seems like a really great idea to create hype for brands via driving traffic to their websites. The amazing gift, percent off, free shipping, etc incentives can all be enjoyed by shoppers without ever having to leave their homes.

Plus, this could really reach the people who couldn't/wouldn't participate in Fashion's Night Out, and prefer the peaceful experience of shopping online, at home.

This could be a really great event, and hopefully will eventually catch on the way Fashion's Night In did upon its inception.

Personally, nothing could be more delightful than sprawling on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and some popcorn and browsing online fashions with great, one-night deals. The time limit adds a bit of thrill. Like a sale on Louboutins.

I'd love to see a Fashion's Night In happening here! Hope this one lives up to its potential.

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