Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet us!

Intern of the week, Alyssa Scheid

Get to know a new person at Kate Boggiano every Tuesday! This week we're featuring Alyssa, a summer intern who will be a Junior at Indiana University in the fall. Here's a little Q & A to get to know her.

Q: What's your title at Kate Boggiano?
A: I'm the marketing/e-commerce intern. I update the website, blog, and Facebook fan page. I also do marketing and industry research for Kate.
Q: What's your favorite fashion trend of the moment?
A: I love a cute blazer, pretty much with any and everything- a dress, shorts, work clothes, etc.
Q: Favorite KBO item of the moment?
A: Definitely the Sophie Ruffle Tank in cobalt- so cute with white or black pants to wear for an evening or to an event.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday's person of the week!

FFF (Fun Fashion Fact) of the day!

Fashion designers of the 1500s showed their designs by crafting doll clothes versions of their fashions and taking them to shows

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