Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Wednesday, that can only mean one thing...

3 tips on how not to be the "WTF is she wearing??" girl

1) Dress age appropriately. It seems that now more than ever, women are dressing younger the older they get. Some fabulous examples of this would be the Real Housewives of Orange County. They bare more than any of their 18 year old daughters do on the show. We know everyone loves to look hot, but there are many ways of doing this that don't involve skin tight, diamond studded, cleavage revealing halter us! Our clothes at Kate Boggiano are perfect and "age-appropriate" for any woman around the age range of 25-55. We pride ourselves on classic and beautiful clothes that make every woman look professional yet stunning.

2) Don't mix your work clothes and you
r play clothes. Most brands design a specific genre of clothing- work attire, evening wear, etc. So while this statement is true most of the time, we're here to show you how you CAN mix your work and play clothes! Kate Boggiano is a line of beautiful shirts, dresses, blouses, tank tops, and leggings that are all office appropriate but also fabulous to wear for a day of shopping with the girls or a night out on the town! We promise you will look stunning and perfectly dressed for whatever occasion. Just check out our Look of the Day below!

3) Always be comfortable. Putting on a dress or shirt that is 2 sizes too small just because you think
it does wonders to your cleavage is just downright uncomfortable...and not very pleasing to the human eye. It's always important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing- it will give you more confidence! Throw away everything too small (or too big) and check out where you can custom fit your shirts!

The Look of the Day!

This week we picked an outfit that basically is suitable for any occasion.
Shopping with the girls, night out on the town, or you guessed the office.

*Leggings, $29.95

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