Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet the parents

This week, our look of the day is going to be something beautiful and appropriate to wear when meeting his parents! So, naturally, we're going to tell you what NOT to wear when meeting the potential in laws. So everyone in a relationship and even all the single ladies, listen up! We know that this can be a stressful occasion...we've been there! The only thing you have to do is take our advice (and keep your elbows off the table!)

Always look classy, not only when first meeting the potential in laws, but always when you're around them! It's important to present yourself as a sophisticated woman with killer confidence.

Don't overdo it with the bling. Even if you are very fortunate to own expensive things, don't throw it all on at once to meet his parents. It might give off the wrong impression of being materialistic if you wear your ski high Jimmy Choo's that just so happen to match your perfect Chanel earrings and bracelet combo with your Miu Miu bag draped over your shoulder. What they are worried about is a loving wife for their husband and mother of their future grandchildren.

And lastly, as always, be comfortable in what you're wearing! They are going to be more impressed on the real you, and being comfortable and loving what you're wearing will give you confidence that will make you shine!

Try thi

The Rosalie Ruffle Dress, flirty and chic! Top it off with a cute jacket from KBO, like this Alexandra jacket. Coming soon in the Cruise collection!

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