Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Featured Intern of the Week

Meet Meghan Trepp!

Introducing Meghan, another intern for Kate this summer! Meghan is finishing up her last year of school at Northern Iowa. Find out her current favorite fashion trends and KBO item!

Q: What's your title at Kate Boggiano?
A: I'm a design intern for the summer. I cut out custom orders out of patterns and make sure they match the specification sheet. I also sketch new outfits/tops for each new season.
Q: Favorite fashion trend of the moment?
A: I would have to go with ruffles.
Q: Favorite KBO item right now?
A: The Jackie Shirtdress in black, it really is perfect for every occasion.
Stay tuned to meet our last summer intern next Tuesday, Brandi!

FFF (Fun Fashion Fact) of the Day!

Prior to 1850, 70 percent of the clothes worn were hand-stitched by the people who wore them. Clothes were a commodity, not fashion.

Sidewalk Sale!

Fashion Focus Chicago presents the 4th annual Sidewalk Sale at Daley Plaza, going on TODAY and tomorrow! Come see us, and remember to wear KBO for that $5 gift certificate!

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