Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are the rumors true?

Sources Tell us Who's Covering the Bibles of Fashion for September!

The stars who are covering all of the major fashion magazines for September have been revealed (or at least they are some very good educated guesses)!

Some won't come as a shock while others were very unpredictable. Julia Roberts is said to be on Elle while Jennifer Anniston, no surprise here, will show on Harper's Bazaar. Also, Katy Perry will be featured on the cover of Seventeen- yet again, these were rather predictable.

However! There are some exciting choices for mags like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and InStyle. Halle Berry is said to be featured on Vogue, which is a very new and fresh choice for this fashion Bible. Vogue has not featured an African American woman on their cover since Naomi Campbell in 1989. It's about time, right!?

The others that we have heard about so far, but are open for changes, are Hillary Swank for InStyle, Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair, Freida Pinto for T, and Mary Kate Olsen for Marie Claire.

We'll see in September how this all pans out!

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