Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Intern of the week

Introducing Sakshi Awal

We're on to featuring our third intern, Sakshi! Learn about what Sakshi does here at Kate Boggiano!

Q: What is your title at Kate Boggiano?
A: I am a design intern here. What that entails is researching and creating trend reports, measuring and cutting patterns, filling spec sheets, and inventory/stock check. I also get to design and display my ideas for the upcoming season.
Q: Favorite fashion trend at the moment?
A: My current favorite fashion trend of the moment is the exaggerated shoulder.

Q: Favorite KBO item of the moment?
A: That would have to be the Sophie Ruffled Blouse in emerald.

Stay tuned to next Tuesday to learn about another design intern, Meghan!

FFF (Fun Fashion Fact) of the day!

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was said to use kohl to widen her eyes. Egyptian women are also said to have used henna to lighten their hair

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