Friday, July 29, 2011

Like jewelry? Who doesn’t?

My husbands friends Amy and Daniella started Bauble Bar a few years back and have been doing a great job!  Bauble Bar is a website that provides great jewelry at a fraction of the department store price.  If you haven’t learned about it, you need to check it out but here are the basics and why they created Bauble Bar:

Selection: Boutiques had too narrow a selection while department stores had too much to sift through - the shopping experience was so overwhelming, and not at all fun. We also wanted access to a constantly refreshed selection, not new product just once per season.

Value: As hard as we tried, we couldn’t find a place to buy high quality pieces without a high price tag. We also couldn’t shake this nagging feeling that we weren’t getting great value for our dollar. Our intellectual curiosity got the best of us and we decided to do some digging, where we learned that retailers were marking up pieces as high as 20 times above cost!

It was then that we decided to create BaubleBar - a new concept in fashion jewelry retail that lets women create their ultimate jewelry box guilt-free.
We work hand-in-hand with leading jewelry designers who supply high-end retail stores, and curate a collection of pieces across different styles. Our web-based approach allows us to offer you unparalleled value, while our comprehensive product selection, editorial style tips and exceptional customer service establish us as your trusted go-to for all your jewelry needs.

Sounds great, right?  Even better is how you get to shop.  Choose from Fashion, Function or Fame!  Cute!  Fashion are those items that they group into specific categories like Marrakech Expresss for example:

Or, shop by Function and the normal filters apply such as bracelet, earring, necklace etc:

There is also shop by fame or your fav celeb sitings or magazine placements:
As if that isn’t cool enough, they’ve come up with the vault for their loyal fans:

The pricing, selection, and website layout is amazing and I highly suggest you check them out for all your jewelry needs!!/baublebar

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