Friday, July 8, 2011

Closet Organizing - not my favorite thing to do in the summer (but I definately need some of it)!

I don’t know about where you live but in the Midwest, this was a CRAZY spring. It went from freezing to 90 back to 40 then 80 and I think the last week in June was the first week that we’ve had temperatures that were summer like for a full week. This made changing over the closets and organizing your wardrobe almost impossible. I definitely missed the 2 week period where temperatures are lingering between winter and spring to organize my winter wardrobe into keep for next season and donate piles and going through my spring/summer wardrobe to assess what I had and needed. Now that it’s July, I’m feeling like my closet is looking less than well organized and I’m in a bit of a panic – I hate organizing in summer! Summer is supposed to be reserved for fun and not for house work. I stumbled across this website today called and they had some great closet tips that I will be putting into effect as soon as I can clear my summer schedule for some time to organize.…

Organize Your Closet For Under $50 With Cheap Closet Organizers

We would all love a huge walk in customized closet to lose ourselves in as we linger over which one of our hundreds of beautiful outfits to wear today, but for those of us who are not quite there yet, we can still have an organized closet for less – a LOT LESS – using cheap closet organizers.

You don’t need to spend thousands on a major remodel to organize your closet. Don’t think that because you can’t afford an expensive solution, you can’t learn how to get organized cheaply.

With less than $50, you can create space out of nothing with easy to install cheap closet solutions.

So let’s fix those main problem areas in your closet now

Issue #1 Not enough shelves or drawers

The Honey Can Do 8 Shelf Hanging Organizer hangs on your closet rod and offers you 8 extra shelves of 12″x12″x6″. Made from ultra strong poly-cotton and available in four different colors, this organizer would be ideal for sweaters or folded t shirts.

==> COST – approx. $12 <==

Convert two of your 8 shelves into drawers with these Honey Can Do Drawers. Perfect to corral your accessories, such as scarves or belts, it can be handy to have a more enclosed space for certain items.

==> COST for 2 drawers – approx. $8 <==

Issue #2 Not enough hanging space

Double your hanging space with this closet rod doubler. Just hang it on your existing rail.

 ==> COST – approx. $12 <==

Issue #3 Messy shoes piled on the floor

Make use of that behind the closet door wasted space with this 24-pocket fabric shoe organizer. It is available in four colors and hangs over any standard door.

==> COST – approx. $13 <==

TOTAL COST – approx. $45

Why not spend the rest on a tie rack or jewelry organizer?

Why buy cheap closet organization systems?

Well apart from the obvious answer that a cheap closet organizer costs less money, they can also be appropriate if:

• you are renting a home so are either prohibited from making permanent modifications to the property or don’t want to spend money on something that you can’t take with you when you leave.

• you are a college student so you want something simple, portable and economical.

• your needs are likely to change quickly. These stand alone cheap closet systems can be combined and reconfigured at a whim. They are fluid so you can move them about to create the maximum amount of space to suit your changing requirements.

The great thing about cheap closet storage options is that when you invest in something more expensive, they can easily be repurposed in the laundry, kitchen or garage.

What to look for

Multi purpose solutions are the most cost effective closet organizers to buy. Look for something that will do double duty if your needs change. Plastic shoe boxes for example will hold shoes but also socks, gloves and scarves.

Other cheap closet organization ideas

Look to the economy ranges of the big brands for efficient and affordable closet organizers. This set up from ClosetMaid runs less than $40 for 10 feet of hanging space and 13 feet of shelf storage and fits into closets 5′-8′ wide.

Wire shelves and baskets can help divide up large drawers to maximize the space.

Shelf dividers allow for easier stacking of sweaters and the like into piles. They stop them all merging into one big chaotic mess.

Cheap plastic storage drawers are great to place under a hanging rail if that is all you have. It doesn’t matter they they don’t look overly beautiful as they will be hidden away in the closet, but they are very functional.

Hooks are probably the cheapest organizers you can buy but they are so versatile. Use them to hang jewelry, caps, hats, scarves, belts, fabric bags full of undies and much more.

Invest in small organizers that have a specific purpose, such as belt racks and tie spinners. Over the door multi pocket organizers can be used for any number of things.

Cascading hangers and ultra thin space saving hangers can double your hanging space instantly.

Make life simpler – buy some cheap closet organizers today

If your closet is an avalanche waiting to happen every time you peak inside the door, treat yourself to an organized closet. You will not only save time looking for things but also money from not buying duplicate items. You know it makes sense.

Have a good one!


PS-if you are on the money saving kick, check out our upcoming July events – I promise they won’t disappoint!
PPS-if you need some organizing and don't have time to do it yourself, check out a local organizer.  They are worth their weight in gold! 

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