Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to you...

It's always a struggle trying to find the perfect gift...for anyone! Boyfriend, best friend, dad, name it. You want to give them something special with lots of meaning. The key to giving a gift is that it has to be special so they'll always remember it's from YOU. Something that is creative and shows something special about your relationship. I promise it will be more meaningful to them than splurging on the latest piece of technology! Follow this advice:

For the Boyfriend: Recent studies have shown that individuals will be happier in the long run if they spend their money on experiences rather than material things. The memories will last forever while the new iPod or Louis Vuitton bag will not. For this special man, my suggestion would be to plan something for the two of you for his special day. A full day of little surprises that you two can experience together will ensure that he'll remember this day forever. Set up an appointment for a couples massage, go camping together, or go wine tasting! Anything spontaneous and adventurous will put both of you in the mood..!

For the Best Friend: You laugh together, you cry together, and you know everything about each other. Make a collage of pictures, tickets, inside jokes, etc of memories of you too to hang in her room. Go to Michaels and pick up some supplies and go all out. If you want to buy her something too, go to a vintage store and pick out some funky jewelry or a jacket that you know she'll love. Lastly, write her a card telling her how much your friendship means to you. You can never go wrong there.

For the Parents: Your parents are probably not as tech savvy as you are, and chances are they probably don't want to mess with how to use an iPod touch or iPhone. Something nice and meaningful for them would be to plan something for them to do together. If it's your dad's birthday, give them tickets to a cool concert you know they'd enjoy. Or hire a chef to come to their house to cook a full course meal for them for a night. (Let them think you put a lot of thought into this!)

Just remember, keep it from the heart and make it meaningful to your relationship!

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