Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Business Casual Style: What is it?

Business Casual...the ever elusive term. Sure the concept seems simple and welcome in the workplace today, moving away from stuffy suits and leaving more room for personal style. But what exactly does "Business Casual" include?

Here are 4 tips to clear up some of the confusion on dressing professionally yet relaxed and stylish.

Tip #1: Always better to be over-dressed rather than under-dressed. No one wants to look like the office hoochie by wearing too short of a skirt or a skimpy camisole. Note Meredith from the Office on a business casual day. As a rule of thumb, if you're so scantily clad that your outfit can only cover either your top or bottom half but not both at the same time, it's not okay to wear to work...er...or ever for that matter.

Tip #2: A great pencil skirt is every girl's best friend. Wear it with a simple blouse and a bold necklace, with a cute cami and cardigan, or with a jacket and pumps. Take a clue from Stacy and Clinton: a pencil skirt is a must for looking polished. Accessorize with your own flair. Try this KBO pencil skirt in charcoal, brown or black with a flirty ruffle back and stretch for comfort. This pencil skirt with bow from Anthropologie is also a great option!

Tip #3: Printed blouses or blouses with interesting details are a great way to add some pizazz to trousers or pencil skirts. Wear them to work with black pants and a cute sweater, out to dinner without the sweater, or on the weekends with jeans. The sale section of shopbop.com has some amazing blouses at great prices!

So, to recap what we've learned: over-dress if you're confused--no one ever got in trouble for looking too good, buy a great pencil skirt (or two, or three) and have fun with the way you style it, and lastly invest in blouses with great details, colors, or prints and wear them to work under a jacket or sweater and then out after work.

Hope these tips were helpful. Most importantly, always remember to have fun with getting dressed, even if it's just to go to the office, if you look great, you'll feel great all day.

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