Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

Gobble, gobble...Thanksgiving is fast approaching! Another occassion where we must agonize over what to wear to look and feel fabulous.

A time of year when it is socially acceptable to eat so much home-cooked deliciousness that you physically can't move from the table. And we've got a perfect outfit to keep you comfy chic even after you've pushed your way through a second helping of dessert.

The Cecilia blouse in this beautiful purple is an amazing sexy, flowy blouse with billowy sleeves that will not feel restricting in the matter how much turkey you indulge in!

I love the idea of pairing the Cecilia with an amazing vintage inspired necklace, like Jcrew's vintage pearl necklace to make a statement.

Keep the rest of the outfit simple with a basic black skirt or pants, and a simple pair of ballet flats. If you're really feeling bold, or trying to be a knock-out for relatives and friends you rarely see, opt for a pair of flats with some sparkle to them!

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