Friday, August 5, 2011

The Indie Shopping experience online!

Being a smaller independent designer, I’m all for shopping local!  If you can’t always make it to your favorite local boutique that’s ok – you can still shop great indie fashion in the comfort of your own home (or office).  One of my favorite sites to find some of the best up and comers is called Smashing Darling.

Smashing Darling is all about emerging Desingers!

“Founded by Julie Rorrer and Trish Ginter, a fashion designer herself, SmashingDarling is the online destination for anything new and emerging fashion, bringing together independent fashion designers with individuals who seek a unique fashion edge. With over 300 designer boutiques and new and exciting fashion added daily, both designers and fashion lovers can find just what they need—what they always dreamed of—right here at”
Taken from their About Us section

Not only is Smashing Darling supporting and filling and important and needed gap in the marketplace online, they also have a great and easy to use website. You can shop by boutique or designer, clothing type (sweater, blouse etc), vintage, jewelry etc.
Our boutique on Smashing Darling
Lots of categories to choose from!

They also have a great blog that highlights some of their favorite designers, pieces, and local events that you should definitely check out to learn more about emerging fashion!

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Have a Great Weekend.  I’ll be in the studio pretty much all weekend fixing a production problem except for my 10 am free Cross Fit workout.  More on production problems and how to fix them next week and you can sign up for the free Atlas Cross fit Work out of the day or (WOD) with me for Saturday at 10am by clicking here.

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