Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby business brain

So I'm not a mom per say but I have a lot of friends who are. They oftentimes talk about how their brains have turned to mush and they do silly things like send the wrong emails to the wrong people, forget things places, feel like they can't have a normal conversation etc. Since I have yet to be in their shoes, I can't exactly relate to their sleepless nights or lack of brain function, however, I would like to introduce a new concept-NEW BUSINESS BRAIN.

Equally as discombobulating, sleep depriving, and exhausting; new businesses can make you want to tear your hair out, scream, and pitch your computer out the window and then 5 minutes later jump up and down for pure joy for a new account you've just landed or some other remarkable feat you have successfully completed. I know it's not the same thing exactly, but I love my baby business.

However, Geoff, if you're reading this, I apologize for leaving waffles in the oven last weekend and then turning on the oven to make muffins last night, leaving because I forgot something at the office, and then coming back 45 minutes later to an odd smell. I'm chalking this one up to 14 days straight on the job for 10-15 hours per day-business brain-i'll tell ya!


Ted said...

That's possibly one of the most disgusting waffles I've ever seen. I think I know what you mean by business brain.

Kate said...

yeah, pretty sure it is a week or two old and totally scorched...i bet you know what I mean...PHD candidates are in the same bucket :) Can't wait to see you Sat!