Monday, January 24, 2011

The week between Christmas and New Years

I was the only one in the office for the week between Christmas and New Years but I had a LONG list of projects that I wanted to complete before everyone else got back from "break". Mostly, I was interested in organizing the office . We have millions of buttons, trims, fabrics, samples etc that just pile up season after season. It's almost unbearable.

The first order of business was selling off our excess fabric to Fishman's fabrics. For those of you who know Chicago, you know that there is only one truly great fabric store for the fabric snob and that is Fishman's Fabrics.
View inside Fishman's fabrics

For anyone that knows about selling off fabric or in the industry we say "selling end of rolls" inferring that while producing your line, there is excess or the end of the roll of fabric that isn't needed for production. We are very happy that Fishman's agreed to buy our excess inventory of raw materials! If you are a designer and wondering how EXACTLY this works or percentages-email me for details!

The next phase of the project was putting up cubicles so me and Amy could get some serious work done when the place was full of interns. It's amazing how much more work you can get done when you have a place to go away from the chaos!

The final organizational item of business on my list was organizing our raw materials, shipping containers, and items such as our popluar tanks and leggings that we ship all the time. Amy found these awesome cardboard containers at Uline that fit everything perfectly. I'm happy to report that we are much more organized and shipping has sped up significantly since I organized everything. Check it out:
Consider it my ode to the creppy guy in American Beauty :)

Anyway, now I finally feel like we are ready to conquer the new year head on. Here's to your organizational projects for 2011!


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