Thursday, September 2, 2010

Behind the scenes of Kate Boggiano...Meet Amy!

In fashion, so much of the work occurs behind the scenes, like a movie, where only the finished product receives recognition and notice.. Long hours, late nights, weekends, all working towards the finished product while keeping all aspects of the business running smoothly.

Amy, Assistant Designer/Production and Accounting Associate, is responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work here at Kate Boggiano (as evident by her multiple titles).

Here's an inside look at Amy's day-to-day responsibilities as well as her KBO favorites!

What's your job like on a daily basis?
Checking in garments from the factory, preparing production, accounting tasks, some customer service, ship customer orders, help Kate with anything, and whatever else comes up. (phew what a mouthful)

Favorite trend for Fall?
Ruffles (of course) :)

Favorite KBO piece right now?
Maggie jacket

Where would you wear the Maggie?
On a Fall outing like an apple orchard or pumpkin patch.

Fun Amy fact: She just got married two weeks ago, amidst shipping crazy fall orders. Congrats Amy!

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