Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stilettos vs Ballet flats

So just in case you all have never met me, I'm short-like really short. I say 5'2" but my Dad likes to remind me "Kate you're 5'2" on a ladder-try 5'1 3/4". Am i really going to argue over that 1/4"? Have you ever heard of rounding up Dad??? I mean for cryin' out loud-his mother is the reason I am this short not that his 6'3" self would understand the annoyance of always looking up at people when they speak to you and having people address you like you are WAY younger than you are because of stature. But anyway, I digress....

To get the Kate Boggiano brand out there, me and my staff attend a lot of fashion and shopping events direct to the consumer. The vendors always laugh at me because I'm never without my stilettos. It doesn't matter how long the show is or what the surface is, I'm always wearing huge heels and i refuse to sit down-stilettos they just look way better to me than flats when you are short although very uncomfortable.

After many years of teasing and fending off dirty looks by older women as they reminisce about the times when they used to be able to wear heels, and the recent discovery of a small but noticeable bunion taking hold of my left foot, I decided to give these flat thingys a try.

I must admit-they are pretty comfy and cute! I have some big time opinions about what is ok in a flat however:
1. NO toe cleavage! It's gross and reminds me of seeing too much of someone's behind and who wants to see that-YUCK!
2. There must be some embellishment on the toe so that you don't look like you ran out of dance class.
3. Absolutely NO heel height-that looks ridiculous and like you are wearing isotoners or are considering wearing a heel but want to be practical-BARF.

SO I think I'm somewhat of a convert for long days on my feet and running errands around town. I must admit though, now that it's getting cold I have NO idea what to do. Absolutely under no situation do socks look ok with them and it's getting really cold and snowy in Chicago! I'm walking outside and getting snow and rain in my feet which might be more uncomfortable than walking around in heels. What do you do???

Totally confused in "flat" land - shoe questions are a little too much for me to comprehend. Oh well...back to shirting where it's safe:)


Kirsten Goede said...

I love the stilettos! But those are good rules for flats.

Jackie said...

i would go with stiletto boots girl. funny, we are exactly the same height, down the 1/4" and all! I live in boots during the winter...even with 2 babies, i can't wear flats. i'd rather be the only mom in the daycare in teetering boots and a cute suit. some sacrifices are just worth it!

love the line Kate!! if you ever want to do little ones, my daughter is in love with the camera... wink wink!