Thursday, October 29, 2009

Macy's Fashion Show

Hi guys,

Things have been crazier than usual around here. But we've had a lot of really exciting stuff happening. Amy and I attended the Macy's Fashion Show to kick off Fashion Focus last week. Kate was crazy busy in Dallas, having a big meeting at the Neiman Marcus headquarters with CUSP by Neiman Marcus and a couple other great Dallas boutiques. So, in her absence, Amy and I got to wear a couple pieces we love from the Spring 2010 Kate Boggiano line. In these pictures, I'm wearing the super cute Rosa Tank in white that I am now obsessed with and Amy is wearing the Issie blouse in white. We both got tons of compliments on our cute white shirts and had a lot of fun watching Chicago designers' Spring 2010 collections coming down the runway. It was really exciting to see what other designers are doing for Spring 2010.

We sat next to a girl from Fargo, North Dakota who was there supporting her designer friend Anna Hovet. Anna is in the Macy's Fashion Incubator like Kate was last year and her collection was so cute. It was also comforting for Amy and I to learn that Fargo's winter is much worse than Chicago's. Reassuring to know that there are worse winters in the continental U.S.

There's been so much hype about our Spring 2010 collection since it is a break-out season for us, with a few dresses and our first outerwear piece. However, there's still lots of excitement for Fall 2009. After our feature in the "Obama Work" story in In Style magazine, our white Isadora became more popular than ever. My mom decided she had to have one too after the In Style spread. With the holiday season fast approaching, consider the Isadora or one of our other Fall 2009 pieces as a gift for your mom, girlfriend, sister or friend. It looks so great on everyone and is a definite must-have of the season.
We really appreciate everyone's support as we keep expanding. And we'll keep you posted on exciting happenings here!

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