Monday, May 18, 2009

New Summer Shirts/Shirtdresses (wha???)

Summer??? Really?? Hasn't felt like it yet in Chicago-that's for sure!

So maybe a better approach than WAITING for the weather to turn before we release styles online is to release the styles and INVOKE the weather gods to follow suit. I mean which weather goddess wouldn't want our fabulous new Olivia! I can't think of any :)

New this week:

Isadora Dress (in case you missed it!) $189.95 White, Pink (pictured on Kristin), and Navy (Black upon special request if you say pretty please!)

And the lovely Isabel....$69.99 Holy cow its a great price! Cool new summer t shirt in Electric Blue (pictured), Bright Pink, and Jet Black. I love it with white pants and for all you no white after labor day believers...order by Tuesday and get it by Memorial day which = the 1st official day you are ALLOWED to wear white IF you follow those totally antiquated rules....Mom?

And saving the best for last (can I really say that? I mean, these shirts are like my children-no favorites here folks, but if I had one I might consider Olivia to be in the running!)
Olivia $129.95

Ok, Ok, as usual FREE SHIPPING starts today and goes through Thursday at 5pm with the launch of a new season. Order your Shirts or Shirt Dresses (now that just seems wrong!) by Tuesday and get them for the long holiday weekend. Wow those friends at the BBQ with your fabulous fashion sense-I dare ya!

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