Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Name Game

So over the last couple years, I’ve received a few dozen questions asking me about my last name and the name of the company. In order to clear up the confusion, I thought I’d lay it out in black and white

Boggiano=company name and my paternal grandmother’s maiden name.
Coxworth=my maiden name and what I go by for business
Mikelsons=my married name and what I use in my personal life.

How did I come to name my company Kate Boggiano? USA manufacturing and overall design feel was always a big part of the brand even before there was a “brand”. I felt that the name “Kate” is a very American name and does a great job at describing these points of Kate Boggiano. High quality materials and craftsmanship as well as classic styling and perfect fit was always the most important part of the brand. Italian craftsmanship was always viewed as the best there was in my family and “Boggiano” lent itself nicely to completing this vision.

And that’s how Kate Boggiano was named.

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Jon Boggiano (LEED AP) said...

My sister is Kate Boggiano and I forwarded her your website as well. There are not too many Boggiano's out there so it is neat to see your site and brand. Jon Boggiano